Similac 3 Intelli – Pro Growing Up Formula Milk 400g

$ 11.18

Based on cow’s milk. Eye Q Plus. Intelli-Pro. Now with a distinguished blend of DHA and Lutein, supported by a special lipid system. Similac 3 is formulated for young children from 1 year onward and may be recommended by your doctor.
The Similac line of products is formulated with changing nutritional needs in mind as your child grows. Similac 3 s great tasting and scientifically designed to fit your child’s growth needs during this important stage of development. Contains the distinguished Eye-O Plus system of nutrients, including DHA, omega 3 & 6, taurine, choline, iron. Similac3 contains Intelli-Pro. Intelli-Pro is a distinguished combination of the important nutrients DHA & lutein. Scientifically developed to provide a 3-way support system with: Prebiotics: Functional fiber food. Nucleotides: a group of important organic molecules. Antioxidants: Beta carotene and vitamins C & E. Contains vitamin D and higher level of calcium. Supports increased protein needs at this age more protein. Contains a distinguished vegetable fat blend without palm olein oil. Provides clinically proven and nutritionally important ingredients to support tolerance.

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