What type of payment cards can I use in-store?

Now we don’t have card payment facility but we are working on it. We accept below payment methods in our stores: Cash, Bkash, Bank AC Transfer, Store Coupons, Gift Cards, Cash Back Ticket’s, Loyalty Discounts and Paypal.

I have a gift card, how can I use it?

CitySuq gift cards can be used for full or partial payment at any CitySuq tie-up Shops or CitySuq Market stores in the UAE or other countries. Any remaining balance will be stored on the card and can be used against future purchases. CitySuq Gift cards have an expiry date of 6 months from the activation date.

I have an old loyalty card discount, can I still use it?

Loyalty card Discounts have an expiry date mentioned on the coupon. Loyalty Discounts will be cancelled once expired.

I seem to have been charged twice for the same transaction. What should I do?

Please consult our customer service desk or reach our customer service on +08801751900506 or +08801916884833.

What shall I do if I've been overcharged?

Please consult our customer service desk or reach our customer service on  +08801751900506 or +08801916884833.

I've received a loyalty discount on my application after shopping online. Can I use it in store?

You earn points while shopping online. Your points are cumulated on your card in your account and you’re My Citysuq Loyalty Card discounts are issued both in online store and via your mobile application.

Product information

Can you reserve items for me to collect at a later date?

Sorry, we operate a ‘first come first served’ policy on all of our stock. To keep things fair, we don’t reserve any stock in our stores.

I'd like to purchase a large amount of stock from your store. Is there a limit?

You can shop as many items on our shelves as you wish. Any restriction will be clearly communicated on shelf.  +08801751900506 or +08801916884833.